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Contact Information

Little River Compost

Phone: 207-353-9468

Fax: 207-353-3221


79 Edgecomb Rd.

P.O. Box 148

Lisbon Falls, Maine, United States



E-mail: info@littlerivercompost.com

About Little River Compost

Little River Compost is located on 100 acres of green pasture and wild woodland. A small family operation, we help local Maine farmers, foresters and fishermen manage their manure, wood chips, and fish by-products by recycling what would otherwise end up in Maine's landfills. By making our compost in a covered and controlled environment we keep our operation environmentally friendly. We take pride in the work we do at Little River, our compost coming full circle to enrich, protect, and sustain Maine land and our environment, now and in the future.


Our Product

Little River Premium Blend Compost is derived from a healthy mix of dairy and poultry manure, horse bedding, sawdust, lobster and fresh peat moss from Maine. These ingredients are combined throughly, shaped into rows and placed over an aeration system. The compost is then exposed to air and turned frequently. The decomposition process continues until temperatures rise to 140-160 degrees, destroying all undesirable bacteria and weed seeds. Once the lengthy curing period is over, the compost is blended with Maine peat moss and sized to a fine textured premium compost. Our Little River Premium Blend Compost is then ready to give your soil just what it needs: slow releasing nutrients and moisture holding capabilities. Cycle complete and quality assured, our compost is then packed and shipped. NOTE: To safeguard its purity, our compost does not contain leaves or yard materials.


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